WHMCS Modules

Opensource WHMCS modules developed by AllWorldIT are available for download below.

WHMCS-COZA-EPP is a COZA EPP registrar module for WHMCS developed by AllWorldIT. This module is released free of charge and opensource, it relies on revenue generated by providing installation and support services.

Website: https://gitlab.devlabs.linuxassist.net/awit-whmcs/whmcs-coza-epp/wikis/home

AllWorldIT's flexible billing module for WHMCS. This module includes support for prepaid, postpaid and current billing types, customizable billing start and end dates, back billing for previous billing periods, variable billing items, volume based discount billing and commitment based billing.

Website: https://gitlab.devlabs.linuxassist.net/awit-whmcs/awit-whmcs-ippm